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How Copy, Play & Learn Guitar Works

Half of the brain is dedicated to visual processing, that’s why visual learning is a key element in a child’s education and guitar instruction.  


Many guitar teachers are hesitant to teach children under the age of 8 due to the challenge of their fledgling fine motor skills and cognitive development. However, children as young as three learn to play violin and piano so why aren't there more children under the age of 8 learning to play guitar?  


Young children learn to speak, read, write or perform any type of activity naturally through imitation. They learn to read words by associating a word with an object. This is the same approach Copy, Play & Learn Guitar takes in teaching children how play the guitar and read music.  


A young child’s brain is developing but still capable. They can struggle when asked to combine the independent actions of left and right hands. Copy Play & Learn isolates and drills one skill at a time. It takes finger exercises and turns them into real songs that kids can relate to. Musical phrases are short so children have time to gather their thoughts, process and decode the music after having watched and heard their teacher play them.  


The tunes in Copy, Play & Learn are made from a series of visually logical finger patterns which the students imitate. It eases the stress of mentally processing the pitch and rhythm of different successive notes.  


The Copy Play & Learn Guitar teaching system is based on songs that ensure enthusiasm for learning by being humorous, contemporary and exciting. The songs make use of themes based around childhood experiences such as; sleepovers, surfing, skateboarding, x box, football and personal relationships. The songs are designed to engage and appeal to children as young as 5 years of age.  


This beginner guitar book develops musicianship, note reading, fine motor skills, and encourages children to recognise and play rhythmic and melodic patterns as they piece together an evolving story based on a boy, his friends and family. 


The Copy, Play & Learn method ensures that children can confidently play the fun and engaging pieces to vibrant backing tracks. They will become independent note readers and ready to further their music education.  

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