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Free Guitar Lessons for kids | Lesson 3 |Copy Play and Learn Guitar.

This piece is the student’s first real song. They’ll enjoy playing to the Rock backing track as it challenges the dexterity of their thumb. Children may well recognise the themes presented and it will often give mum a bit of a laugh as she recognises some of the sayings directed at the children throughout the course of the song. This piece introduces the main character, Simon, and his mother.

Teachers can direct the student’s attention to the rhythms and ask the students to identify and clap them. They may start recognising them by now, but it is primarily the rhythm of the words, learnt by the student and sung at pitch by their teacher as they play that enables the student to play in time.

Teachers can ask the students to identify the pitch of the notes presented in this piece and where they are to be found on the guitar as well as discussing the rhythms as mentioned previously. Teachers can ask their students to copy them in the simile bars as they play the notes and sing the words of the song to the recorded backing track.

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