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Teaching guitar so it makes sense to kids.

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

To assist the beginner learn to play guitar and read music confidently, this series of lessons makes use of a child's natural learning instincts. Children are visual learners and will naturally imitate the actions of a parent or teacher in the early stages of their learning journey, that's why this series involves the teacher playing short phrases and the student imitates them. The pieces use visually logical and easily memorable finger patterns. A story, woven into the pieces, evolves as the student progresses. In this video, lesson 23 in the series, the student recognises the ascending then descending melodic line and how the letter names advance in alphabetical order then go backwards as the line descends. Each phrase is two bars long and each bar contains notes of the same pitch. There is plenty of time for the student to mentally process the pitch and rhythm of the written music. As for being a part in an evolving story, we learn that the main character, Simon fancies himself as a soccer player but he is not very good at it. For more information, E book purchase, free backing tracks, teachers resources and more, please visit the website,

Guitar Teaching Program

To achieve the best results and a positive learning experience for young guitar students, a good teaching program is essential. Copy, Play and Learn Guitar is an ideal kids guitar book for very young students. It uses modern, child friendly techniques designed for their stage of physical and cognitive development. It addresses the issues and implements strategies to achieve note reading fluency and chord recognition. Using exciting and engaging songs as subject matter, it comes with free backing tracks, teaching resources and teaching points for each piece. There are also free videos available on YouTube. As the child progresses through the book, a story evolves of a boy and his friends and family involving racing cars, pets, smelly socks and more.

About the Author

Music Educator, Composer and Guitarist, Bryce Leader, holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree and an A(Mus)A in Classical Guitar. He has been a classroom music teacher and guitar teacher for over thirty years and performs regularly in classical, jazz, rock and country music contexts.

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